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Chances are you are not an expert on WHMIS, very few people are. That’s OK, we are not experts at what you do. One thing we both know is that everyone deserves to be safe on the job. We provide WHMIS training and testing for over 250,000 people; companies, organizations and associations. Feel free to ask us any questions about WHMIS. Call toll free, email or you can Live Chat with us instantly when one of us is available and we’ll answer your questions right away.

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For business and organizations with multiple people to train.

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For personal WHMIS training for one person.

WHMIS for students on Work Experience…

Protect your students on work experience…. when your students go out on work experience they’ll face the same hazards as the employees in that business. Give them the same WHMIS training trusted by thousands of businesses, and by many other schools.

You can’t know what each business has in the form of cleaners, chemicals, flammables, compressed gases, or other controlled products that represent a hazard to workers health and safety. Volunteers have the same right to know and responsibility to be educated on WHMIS.

We work with schools to provide WHMIS awareness training. This provides students with the knowledge of what controlled products are, how to read product labels and the hazards that each class of controlled products represents.

Prepare your students for the workplace… Young workers and workers with limited experience are at greater risk of health and safety incidents. As your students graduate and prepare to enter the workplace of their choice give them the education they need. Many job seekers are looking for an edge getting an interview and the ability to show a prospective employer you have a basic understanding of WHMIS can give your students an advantage.

Yes, my students need WHMIS, how do I get started…

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